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Jack’s Garage Sale for Hope

Many kids have made a choice to spend their summer helping others. Jack is one such amazing kid. 10 years old, Jack is involved in Trail Life USA. Trail Life allows the boys to collect patches for their achievements. In pursuit of his Community Service patch, Jack had a great idea… He wanted to do a Garage Sale with the proceeds to benefit McLane Children’s. He was very specific though, he wanted the money to benefit the bereavement camp “Rays of Hope” for children who have lost someone close to them. When asked why this was his choice, he shared his personal story that brought us to tears. Jack lost his biological mother in a car accident when he was only four years old. “I want to help kids like me” Jack said.

Jack was surrounded by such phenomenal support in his efforts. Joined by his now family, Mom Carla, Friends Joseph and Damien and his troop leader, Lawrence Reynolds he presented his check for $924.00! He even taught our Medical Center leadership team how to pose in a “cool picture” -THANK YOU JACK! You are going to make a huge difference for others and we are so proud of you.