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Doing more than selling houses…

The Salas Group joined with Jacob Baker from the Fairway Mortgage and with the Jackson Family to provide a $5,000 gift to McLane Children’s.

When Shelly Salas was asked why she supports McLane Children’s, she said: “The reason that my husband and I hold the Children’s Miracle Network dear to our heart is because our first child was born with Gastrochisis and was transported to Scott and White after having her as an emergency C-Section. We were 2 young army soldiers with no family here. We will never forget how amazing the NICU team was with us. Addressing all of our concerns and fears. Our daughter was there for many weeks. We were those parents that spent many hours in NICU just starring at our baby. After being released she had additional complications and were then admitted to PICU. We stayed several times at the Ronald McDonald House. We know what it’s like to be scared, to be praying each night for your baby to get better. Our gorgeous and smart daughter is now 16. She is in the first KISD Early College Campus that graduates in 2019. We just want to pay it forward.”

Thank you Shelly for sharing your story with us and thank you to this whole team for sharing your day with us in the NICU! Your gift is very much appreciated. We couldn’t do what we do at McLane Children’s without you!


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