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Stroke can’t slow her down

D'Anne SlaterD’Anne Slater was born with sickle cell anemia, a blood disorder in which the red blood cells become deformed and break up. The disorder can cause significant pain when small blood vessels are blocked and severe anemia when a patient has an infection. Patients like D’Anne are more likely to have infections, eye problems, heart failure and even strokes.

D'Anne in physical therapy

One morning in 2014, D’Anne woke up and could not move. She had suffered a stroke, which caused her to temporarily lose mobility on her left side. At McLane Children’s, D’Anne has access to specialists in pediatric hematology and the most advanced treatments. Her doctors recommended a blood transfusion and physical and occupational therapy to help reverse the effects of her stroke. Not long after, D’Anne was able to dance and turn cartwheels in the garden during a visit to the hospital.

Since her chronic illness means she visits the specialty clinic and hospital frequently, McLane Children’s makes life easier for D’Anne. Her childhood isn’t being spent on long trips to Dallas or Austin for treatment, and her family can be nearby to support her and each other.