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New Staff member Lorenzo is employee of the year…

Have you heard about our newest employee?

Lorenzo, is our newest staff member at Baylor Scott & White McLane Children’s Medical Center. Lorenzo is a yellow lab and golden retriever mix has been at McLane Children’s for a few weeks and is already everyone’s favorite co-worker.

His job is unique. He is there to support the needs of the child as is everyone else, but he addresses these needs simply by being present. Lorenzo lightens the mood of the hospital room occupied by a sick child and his or her nervous parents, and he supplies a welcome distraction for children undergoing invasive procedures.


Dr. John Boyd, president of McLane Children’s and pediatrician, learned of Canine Companions for Independence, the organization that trained Lorenzo, from a hospital president in Irving.  “I knew that having a facility dog would be a wonderful addition to the team,” Boyd said. “The six weeks he’s been with us has exceeded all my expectations”. Lorenzo has won the hearts of several children already and children are already requesting him by name.  Dr. Boyd jokes that Lorenzo is the only staff member allowed to sleep on the job.

All joking aside, Lorenzo has been an amazing addition to our team. He brings smiles to anyone who sees him. We are so thankful for donations provided through Spirit Halloween that made this program possible for us.

McLane Children’s is excited to serve our community in this new and unique way. Welcome to the team Lorenzo!