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Honoring Extra Life Heroes

The Teens at McLane Children’s have worked very hard to raise money for much needed medical equipment. This year, they were honored by members in our community for their hard work. On game day, November 4th, they were given the chance to play games for free at Ralph Wilson Youth Club and at Spare Time in Temple. The teens were overjoyed to take a break from their hard work and enjoy some time playing and enjoying each other’s company. We are so grateful for the support and love of these community members.

Daniel Mueller of Spare Time provided unlimited game play for these special patients and also provided meals and drinks. Andrew Lambert and Jeff Stegall of Ralph Wilson Youth Club honored the teenagers with an all access pass to their game rooms and a free lunch!

Last year Ralph Wilson Youth Club held a fundraiser where the children at the club helped raise almost $10,000.00 to help these teens meet their goals. We were so happy to see kids helping kids!The teens raised over $26,000.00 last year and hope to raise even more this year! If you would like to hear more about their story, or to donate, please visit:


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